Running and deploying Gaelyk applications

Note: If you're using the template project as a base for your Gaelyk application, you should have a look at the section on the template project, which explains how you can use Gradle for your build, for running and deploying applications, and for testing your groovlets with Spock.

Running your application locally

Google App Engine provides a local servlet container, powered by Jetty, which lets you run your applications locally. If you're using the Gaelyk template, when you're at the root of your project — and we assume you have installed the App Engine SDK on your machine — you can run your application with the following command-line: war
Note: Notice that there are some subtle differences between running locally and in the cloud. You'd better always check how your application works once deployed, as there may be some differences in behaviour between the two.

Deploying your application in the cloud

Once you're at the root of your application, simply run the usual deployment command: update war